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Completed Work Projects

Precision Finish Carpentry and Remodeling is a Newton, MA based construction company that specializes in major home renovations. We have renovated many homes in the Newton, Cambridge, and Brookline areas to include custom built additions, new home construction, kitchen and bath remodels, and attic conversions. Here is a list of some of our projects and a brief description of the work performed.

Newton Street, Brookline, MA
New home construction of a 2 story, single family colonial home with 6 bed rooms and 3 bathrooms and a two car garage.​​

Ward Street, Newton, MA
1st and 2nd floor renovation. Renovations on the first floor included a new kitchen, dining room, and powder room. A new master bathroom was created on the second floor as well as a new cedar deck with a car port.

Waban Hill Road, Newton, Ma
Major renovations on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. First floor work included removal of existing chimney and first floor bearing walls to create a new open floor plan for new kitchen and dining room. Removal of the bearing walls on the second floor were also completed to create a new master bedroom, bathroom, and walk in closets as well as a new guest bathroom. The third floor renovations included creation of a new bedroom, new bathroom, and playroom.

Waban Hill Road, Newton, MA
Renovations included renovating the kitchen on the first floor as well as removal of the rear wall of the house to build a new, custom family room addition.

High Street, Newton, MA
A large addition including new kitchen, two car garage, den, laundry room, bedroom, and office.

Stafford Road, Newton, MA
Removal of the first floor bearing walls to create a new open floor plan with the addition of a new kitchen and deck.

Russell Road, Newton, MA
Addition of 6 new dormers to the roof and conversion of unfinished attic into master bedroom, bathroom, and walk in closets. We also renovated second floor bathroom and added a new kitchen.

Commonwealth Park West, Newton, MA
Major renovation on the 1st and 2nd floors and two story addition at rear of house. First floor renovations included removal of back wall of existing house for an addition of new family room, powder room, and kitchen. The second floor layout of the existing house was changed to account for a new master bedroom, bathroom, and closets as well as renovation to the guest bathrooms.

Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA
Creation of new master suite on the third floor as well as custom addition of new architects office/workspace.

Meeting House Circle, Needham, MA
Opened up the first floor walls and addition of new family room, kitchen and deck.

Lincoln Street, Newton, MA
Demolition of existing rear deck and porches for replacement with new, custom multi level deck with restored, antique hand railings.

Lincoln Street, Newton, MA
Exterior restoration including shingles, roof, and fascia/soffits as well as replacement of structural columns and front porch.

Clarke Court, Brookline, MA
Renovations to the second floor bathroom and addition of new, finished stairs leading to the third floor which was previously an unfinished attic. Work completed includes removal of entire roof to create new dormers for master bedroom and bathroom suite.

Kenwood Street, Brookline, MA
First and second floor addition including creation of new master suite, complete renovation of kitchen and family room, and back deck.

Clinton Street, Cambridge, MA
Complete gut renovation of condominium requiring development of a new floor plan including removal of walls, creation of new full bathroom, creation of vaulted ceilings, and addition of central air.

Hurlbut Street, Cambridge, MA
Complete renovation of a two level condominium including custom wainscoating for curved walls, new kitchen and bathroom installations, and additions of new support beams.